Joseph Richman
1947 - 2021
Joseph Richman
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Saturday, October 2, 2021
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Please note that the date for the celebration of Joe’s life has been changed to Saturday afternoon, Oct. 2, 2021, still at his home in Little Harbour.

The family of Joe Richman, of Little Harbour and Halifax, Nova Scotia, regretfully announce his death on August 1, 2021, at his home and sculpture park ( ) in Little Harbour.  in Little Harbour.  Joe was a visual artist, gold prospector, fisherman, stevedore, writer, and lover of a good argument.  He explored his many interests with energy, determination, and keen intelligence.  He took great joy in watching the sun rise and set over the sea, playing with Kipp, researching geology, sourcing massive rocks for his sculpture, exploring the work of fellow artists, and tasting the pleasures of cities.  

He will be missed by his son, Matthew Richman; grandson, Kipp Carlson Richman; friend of many years, Barbara Richman; brother and sister Ted and Ruth Richman; and his sister-in-law and brother-in-law Peg Gioseffi and Angus MacDonald. He also leaves many good friends and colleagues from his personal, professional and artistic worlds.

Joe came to Nova Scotia as one of the "back to the land" immigrants from the 1970s. He made Little Harbour his home and was grateful to the fishermen who taught him the ways of the sea and to the community that made room for him despite his differences. His passion for visual art took him to Halifax and he lived and worked between the two locations for over 30 years, finding his own métier in cast metal and large-scale stone sculpture. His property in Little Harbour, the barren land, became a living gallery for his sculptures that spread across many acres. His other great love was the magical search for gold, and he continued to research, explore, test sites, and stake claims throughout his life. Although he enjoyed the city greatly for its variety of ideas, food, and experiences, he was never happier than when he was by the sea or out in the bush.

Joe loved fiercely and was loyal to his friends, who came from many different parts of his life and recognized his courage, ingenuity, and integrity laced with dark humour. In his last years he found new joy in his relationship with Kipp. Joe had strong opinions and little tolerance for actions he thought were damaging to others, but he was also understanding of suffering and generous to those in need.

To send condolences please visit Donations in Joe’s memory may be made to Wonder’neath Art Society (, which supports professional artists and the active intersection of art and community through its many programs.

There will be no funeral but friends are warmly welcomed to join the family to celebrate Joe’s life and visit his sculpture at his home in Little Harbour, on Saturday afternoon, October 2, 2021

portage (joe richman)
we have lakes in our brains:
four still pools
sharing the calcitic night
like sumps of caves.

(stacked in parallel tiers,
they feed cascading brooks
with fast runs and stillwater
that freshen the flow of neural fluid)

when it’s quiet in there
i’ll dream i’m paddling on one of my lakes.
d’ya think there’d be many fish?



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